Virtual Reality

VR Headset

While we efficaciously build games and apps in VR, back home we created ProcusVR too; a device that is a masterful combining of simplicity, technology, style and comfort.

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Virtual Reality Games

Our people hold a multiplicity of diverse ingenuity. With a panel of experts working at 3D Simulation and Visualization, we provide for the best in class VR Games, becoming one of the top rated VR development companies in the country!


While traditional cinematography limits the viewable content to limited frames, 360┬░videos disband these boundaries. Miracle is proficient in its capacity to generate creative processes and capture stunning 360┬░ videos to create conceptual stories for unchained environments.

We create not just videos, but experiences.

Meditation VR

An environment that creates an aura to dunk users into a boundless and pervasive world of peace and serenity.

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Jurassic Travel

Taking players into the forgotten Jurassic lands with a real time feel in motion, sound and picture.

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The Bet

A thrilling horror experience with nerve chilling graphics and audio that shrilled through even our bones as we tested it.

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VR is not just Gaming

With its stepping stones in gaming, Virtual Reality now is everywhere!...

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