Augmented Reality

Game Development
AR for Education

To facilitate better learning of otherwise difficult to understand concepts of chalk and talk, Miracle provides for 3D visualizations and simulations to students, built in the lesser explored sphere of Augmented Reality.

AR for fun

Miracle possesses a splendor of technical experts who are consistently in service with the horses of their brains running to bringing cool new stuff to the fun zone of Augmented Reality.

3D Modelling
AR for fashion

If you’re into the dynamic fashion/retail business, Miracle is your place to be at, to shredding the ambivalence into entering the fine with AR dressing rooms, make up testing and more. We, at Miracle, engineer your imagination.

3D Modelling
Talking Buddies mobile

To bring you tiny friends from the phone, right to your desk as a teeny testimony of what the technology has to offer.

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Face Detection

Providing the AR technology for multiple spheres of the industry like e-Commerce, fashion, fun and more.

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What Mark Zuckerberg has in plan for AR

The F8 Conference: Facebook works on a “whole new set of social experiences”

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